Friday, November 4, 2011

Agom Kebang conference from Jan 9,TU varsity campus likely to declare in Jonai

Come 2012,the first Mising organization formed in the post-independent era will organize its 30th Biennial Conference at the border town of Jonai from January 9.The venue for the grand literary meet will be the Jonai Higher Secondary School premises,which is located in the heart of the town.The meet will be continued till January 11,2012.The Mising Agom Kebang or the Mising Literary Association that spearheaded the Roman script movement with flying colours in 1985 after it was founded in 1968 at Disangmukh.Since then the day government of Assam declared the introduction Mising language in schools,annually 30th of October is observed as Mising Language Day.This year another milestone was bagged due to the restless efforts made by the MAK leadership,the country's premier literary body the Sahitya Akademi agreed to award the prestigious 'Bhasa Samman' even as the language dreams for Eight Schedule recognition.However,the rich oral history,folklores and mores were acknowledged by the Akademi ,considering which ground it was decided.The language of Tani people is getting momentum with leaps and bounds even as many urban middle classes Tani parents has left their wards bereft of their mother tongue.The Mising Agom Kebang(MAK) has brought about the culture of writing for those enthusiasts of the community who loves to put their thought into printed letters notwithstanding the literature of this Tani language is still in nascent stage which needs a renaissance among the people.However,this Tani language can still boasts of having more than 5 lakhs speakers across villages and towns in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
Tezpur University to set up extended campus in Jonai
Sources in the central committee of the MAK told this blogger that a campus of Tezpur University is likely to be declared by the government of Assam in Jonai during the meet itself.The chief minister as well as the education minister are the top political invitees to the literary meet,the sources said.The Tezpur University is a central university established under the Assam Accord.This will be a historic new year gift for the people of entire upper north bank districts of Assam and Siang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh.The temple of learning is expected to boost the educational atmosphere and related economic activities of the backward north bank regions plagued by perennial floods from where hundreds of youths particularly from Dhemaji and Lakhimpur districts migrate to various metropolis of India often leaving their education mid-way to join petty odd jobs.

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