Monday, October 4, 2010

Looking back!!Am I really a fundamentalist Mising???????????????

I feel that my friends were not wrong  to called me a "fundamentalist Mising" in my college days.All the earlier blog posts seemed to reflect who i was during my college life.I am opening this college diary (blog)after many days (months!)and looking back my past .But it was naive to judged i was doing only "fundamentalist"kind of things.So I put my thoughts into writing to judge my stance...before all my friends who dubbed me "fundamentalist" whom i think they were less informed on my writings.To begin with,I wrote in the national magazine like "Frontline" on different issues which were published in the letters columns from Fidel Castro to Indo-China relations ...Naxalites issues....tribal issues....Also in the The Assam Tribune on different issues from engineering college in Dhemaji to reopening of Library  in Guwahati....power cuts,rail coach...women trafficking...etc. on Letters columns..i made my writing appeared in "The Hindu" comparing on Irom Shamila's hunger strike and KCR's fasting for Telengana in India.I once highlighted the Matmara issue on Geotube Tech embankment in an Assamese daily Asomiya Pratidin which i saw later on that my idea was included as part of  a political party's manifestoes.Besides,I also signed up many online petitions through Survival International and Greenpeace on human rights and environmental issues.(Thank God,most writings are available on web till now!)
     One shouln't think that i wrote all things only on Mising issues...sorry I clarified one thing on our place in "The Hindu"quite different from many familiar issues.......i  highlighted in my college days.I feel now sorry if I'd ever hurt other's(Non-Mising) sentiments......but many things improved by doing all these sort of "sentimental things"....which has been helping me in broadening my mental calibre....What actually is that i was born and brought up in Mising society ....never intermingled with other cultures before coming to Guwahati....whatever i know was from Mising society and my rural educational it was obvious that i "bark" more on Mising.My perceptions and interpretations of this world are based on my experiences with the society andthe knowledge i have acquired hitherto.If writings on small tribe like Mising society is construed as conservative one...or a fundamentalist kind of thing...i'm happy with friend's accorded "label"!Whether i'm a  "fundamentalist" or not everyone can's  up to you dear reader.....if someone  is called "fundamentalist" because of writing such things i think there should be a more definitional inclusiveness of the term.In SRK styled tone I want to shout :"My name is Bhaskar PEGU but i'm not a fundamentalist MISING".
(Dedicated to my college friends of Cotton College and my known and unknown critics)


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