Thursday, December 14, 2023

Talks with state government on Mising issues by TMPK, MMK, TMMK

A new update is being shared by the Chief Minister of Assam that the state government has set for talks with the national organisations or Mising tribes such as the TMPK, MMK and TMMK.
 It i is stated the government held parleys regarding host of issues related to Mising tribe. This development is seen amidst the ongoing debates on satte holiday of Ali-a:ye Lígang between TMPK and informal group such Sacheton Mising Samaj which are said to be linked to political parties like Congress and Raijor Dal. While state government has partially declared holiday in 10 upper Assam districts but few disgruntled Mising groups are still critical of the state government over the Lígang state holiday.
However, the latest talks looks importance as it has pointed out the nature of political communication on ethnic issues  such as constitutional autonomy of the Misings, introduction of the Mising language in "selected scholls" (mind the words used by the government), an university in Jonai (whereas Tezpur University campus is still pending), sports facility in Kareng Chapori near the Bogibeel bridge , socio-cultural project in Gogamukh etc. 
We have to see whether it is an exercise to pacify the growing movement for demand for sate holiday of Lígang or an electoral promise since Lok Sabha polls are approaching next year.It would be a great step if the points of talks are reflected in reality for the Mising society.
A significant observation is that the talks are still in state level. The issues of constitutional status of  Mising Autonomous Council (MAC) need thorough discussions including  in depth community level consultation. Since the matter of constitutional status rests with the central government of India, we have to see whether Mising organisations' democratic movement are responded positively or not. There is yet to be 'talks' or dialogue on ethnic autonomomy ever by central government in regard to unarmed and non-violent movement led by any tribe of North East India.

Image credits: X (Twitterr ) handles of Chief Minister of Assam andi Ranoj Pegu , Minister of Eucation r and Welfare for Plains Tribes, Assam. December 7, 2023.

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