Monday, June 26, 2023

Draft Delimitation, 2023 of Assam: Mising and other tribes may become politicaly insignificant in days to come

Draft delimitation and  the most likely implications for Misings:

1. No increase of Schedule Tribe (ST) assembly (MLA) seats in Lakhimpur, Dhemaji or Majuli despite the rise in Mising and other tribal population over the decades even if counted on 2001 census basis.

2. All current four ST seats occupied by Mising  ( all BJP legislators ) to remain intact. They are!.Jonai, Dhemaji, Dhakuakhana, Majuli.

3. A new unreserved constituency named Sisibargaon is created in Dhemaji district. 

4. There is no MP seats reserved for ST in upper Assam districts except Kokrajhar and Diphu Lok Sabha constituencies. 

5. No chances of Mising becoming MP through Lok Sabha unless elected from open constituencies like Lakhimpur or through nomination/ indirect election to Rajya Sabha if favoured by  big political partie. 

6. Majuli is left out from Lakhimpur parliamentary constituency leaving the Mising  that is likely to decrease the influence of Msing voters in Lakhimpur. Majuli is clubbed with Jorhat LS constituency. The bargaining power of Misings is likely to be decreased. 

7. Ramganadi will be a new assembly constituency in Lakhimpur while Nowboicha , currently occupied by a Mising, from the opposition Congress party,  will be reserved for Schedule Caste (SC).

8. Political importance of the Misings is likely to be decimated as number reserved constituencies for ST have increased in others parts of Assam but not in upper Assam. In tribal inhabited parts of the state such as Karbi hills(Amri), Rabha and Garo inhabited Goalpara and Kamrup districts ( West Goalpara and Boko), Bodoland autonomous region ( Dotma and Tamulpur by territorial  realignment but Bodoland got plus one from existing 6 ST constituencies). One Mising legislator  always become a minister in Assam but this may not happen all the time from now.

9. Mising, Deori, Soniwala  and Tiwa inhabited areas were left out reserved constituencies in the latest draft delimitation proposal. Although three ST (16 to 19) and one Schedule Caste (SC) constituencies  were increased, there are uneven distribution.

10. The Dergaon constituency that was reserved for ST in 1970s (that even had Mising MLA ) had not come   to the fold of ST reservation ( while many constituencies are realigned). Misings living in southern bank or Brahmaputra river continue to be deprived of political representation in the Assam assembly.

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