Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to download songs from misingOnline.com?Here's the solution

There are less than one hundred Mising songs available on net in various sites.Of the available  audio songs,most are in www.misingonline.com which is again in limited number.But netizens who wishes to download the songs on the networking site has no option except listening online.

Many wonder and even enquire the MO administrators how the songs be downloaded.Since MO doesn't provide for 'download' option on its page,the netizens are left option-less.Few days back when I was visiting one of my mate's room .I was browsing the net in his laptop for listening some oi ni:tom on Youtube I found a plugin appeared in the window while listening the songs. Immediately I asked him the name of the software appearing on the window.He told me it was Crack IDM.Crack Internet Download Manager (IDM)http://www.filestube.com/i/idm+crack help you directly to download any video or audio on net by a click as the software appear on the top-right side.

If you're wondering how to download you can install a crack IDM version on your PC to keep your favorite ethnic songs saved in your PC.Install crack IDM after you download the software from any of he host of sites available free of charge.Go to the ethnic site misingonline.com >Explore>Music and rest is your work!

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