Saturday, May 4, 2013

Become a part of the Jonai Campus University Movement

Well, many might be interested in joining this social awakening movement for varsity that kicked off from small place called Laimekuri by villagers and rural college-goers and school-goers, but you might be far from your home village/ town/ state. 
Villagers and students during Highway blockade burnt tyres on April 29
 Take the example of Bikash Doley, a final year under graduate student of Laimekuri College, is consistently fighting for allotment of land for the project. He keeps updating his friends via Facebook on the latest development relating to this university movement. He shares pictures and information through social network that has indeed lit a tempo among large number of persons across the various walks of life. Bhupen Mili, a Phd scholar of IIT Guwahati, too has initiated an
Students forming human chain outside the Jonai administrative premises on May 3, 2013.

online petition for final approval of land allotment addressing the chief minister of Assam which have contribute to the growing awareness for the cause. There is still to do since the allotment of land is not final so far.

In this hour, what a concerned individual can contribute is by requesting the education minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, through social media. Dr. Sarma is well connected on Facebook and Twitter. You can type or copy and paste/ message these words: "Sir, May I request you for speedy approval of land allotment process for Tezpur University Jonai Campus at Dhemaji district. " on his Facebook page ( and Twitter handle (

Become a part of the varsity movement. Please act now, time is running out!
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