Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Northeast India's gateway to witness Mising tribe festival on open field

To set forth the rich culture of the Mising people to the world stage ,the chief festival of the tribe Ali-A:yé Lígang has been planned to celebrate with two-day long programmes in the city of Guwahati,the gateway of northeastern region of India.The Ali-A:yé Lígang is basically an agriculture based festival of the Mising Tani tribe of the region. The All Guwahati Mising Kébang(AGMK) ,the organization of the Mising people of the city ,which is organizing the mega event with this objective in mind is planning various programmes to focus the rich cultural aspects of the tribe.Although the festival falls on the first Wednesday of Phagun,observed according to Assamese calendar ,this year the organization has deferred the date of celebration in Guwahati in order to attract more people to the festival cutting across cultural lines.For the first time ever,the city of Guwahati would be witnessing two day event of Ali-A:yé Lígang at the College of Veterinary Science (C.V.Sc)ground in Khanapara on 18 and 19 February,2012.Earlier,the festival was celebrated in the premises of Murong Okum located at Japorigog in the city.The Ali-A:yé Lígang is also seen as an spring festival as it coincides with the season.This is likely to be the biggest ever Ali-A:yé Lígang festival celebrated in Guwahati so far.

Attires,recipes and apong stalls on the venue!
Sources in the AGMK told misingOnline.com,the two-day event is all set to shine the Mising tribe's culture, lifestyle and to keep on the spirit of the festival in such an open space of the city.There will be stalls on Mising attires,recipes and drinks as well.Various cultural troupes will perform Mising dances like Gumrag,Léréli,Sélloya in this two-day event.The Mising tribe's love song, popularly known as Oi Ni:tom,will fill the atmosphere of Ali-A:yé Lígang festival.A fashion show with Mising attires will also be organized on 19th February.It is expected that huge number of stalls will precipitate in this spring festival.One Mising youth of the city excitedly told MO that he along with friends are very interested in opening apong(beer) and adin(meat) stalls and they have already asked some women to make stuffs ready for apong during the festival.

AGMK to dedicate cultural function to Oi Appun and Bhupenda
In the two-day programmes,the first and the second night of cultural functions are set to dedicate to Oi Appun Gonesh Pegu and Dr Bhupen Hazarika respectively.Ms Bobita Sharma of 'Bideshot Apun Manuh' fame and chairperson of Assam State Film( Finance and Development) Corporation Limited will inaugurate the first night of cultural event ;and noted writer and editor of Assamese daily ''Amar Asom'' Mr Homen Borgohain will inaugurate the second night.It is to be noted here that the organizer of Ali-A:yé Lígang,the AGMK ,is one of the oldest organization working for Mising people especially in Guwahati.The AGMK was formed in 1968 with the initiatives of noted educationist Prof Tabu Taid ,writer and scholar Late Bhrigumani Kagyung and linguist Prof Nahendra Padun.The AGMK is regarded as the precursor to Mising Agom Kébang(MAK) that came into existence later in 1972 at Dísangmukh,Sivasagar.

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