Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bhubon Pegu's latest public appearance

Bhubon Pegu delivering speech in an anti-big dam rally  in Guwahati
Former Jonai legislator Bhubon Pegu's first public appearance after his defeat in the last assembly election on Saturday's satyagraha organised by TMPK and AASU against mega dams and the turbines movement towards Subansiri hydro power project proved he is a real time leader indeed irrespective of his political position.His voice was loud and clear against the mega dams that have been decided to be built in the northeast as like before,stubborn and determined . He criticized the central government of maintaining dual standards approach on power projects. He asked why there was objection on Tsangpo hydro power project from India against China but why not the government was concerned about the 168 hydro projects in Arunachal alone.

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